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Original Song Production

Any song, any genre.

I will mix and master your track from stems/audio files provided by you, for a very affordable fee.

Includes vocal tuning.

I can also add additional instrumentation in order to achieve that "full production" sound. Perfect for singer/songwriters who can only provide vocals and an accompanying instrument such as an acoustic guitar but want a track with full instrumentation.

I can also, if you wish, replace/re-record any instrument provided. This is hugely popular with drums. 

Over 15 years experience and all genres covered. Please watch the below video in order to get an idea of what kind of service i can offer. 

Please feel free to get in touch with any queries and/or to discuss your requirements.


The clients above have either come in to the studio to record their parts, or have supplied their own pre-recorded stems. As a producer, I listen to the track and any additional instrumentation, to give the piece a full radio-ready sound. I've had the pleasure of working with some fantastic artists, and much of our work has gone on to be featured on various BBC Introducing radio shows. 

What Genres do you produce?

All genres catered for! I have produced many artists writing in a range of styles. From Pop to Rock, from Folk to Jazz.

What do i need to provide?

Please provide me with high quality and uncompressed stems/audio files, ideally in 32bit 44.1k WAV format. 

All files provided should be "dry" - i.e. no effects or post recording EQ and free of "peaks" if possible.

Please be aware that the original quality of the recording is always the bottom line when it comes to mixing the final product, so please ensure that they are recorded as professionally as possible. 

Although not absolutely essential, please provide me with a rough mix of the track if possible. This would be used as a guide to refer to in terms of the track and instrumentation structure.

There's a track i like the sound of. Can you make it sound like that?

Of course. Please provide me with a link of the track you have in mind and I will use it as a guideline when producing your song. Otherwise I will use my best judgement into what would suit your track. I can provide a short excerpt during the production process to ensure you like how it is sounding.

How and when do i pay?

Payment is accepted through PayPal (

A watermarked version of the track will be sent to you upon completion to ensure you are happy with it. Once payment is received, the final WAV and 320kbps High Quality MP3 of the track will be sent to you.

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